The New Now

Our Autists are co-creating the new life with us. We are partners whether we acknowledge it or not. The creation is fun, easy and filled with love when we bring conscious awareness to the process. 

In the journey of life we all accumulate and hold innumerable beliefs. It is good to know that all of those beliefs serve us. Everything propel us towards knowing ourselves more and creating the new us in every moment. 

Removing cloths, urinating frequently, defecating as if without control, repetitive behaviours, throwing things, resisting being controlled by others, crying, vomiting, sweating and more subtle behaviours reflect back to us what needs to be left behind. 

Let us clear away by looking forward. No need to resolve any old pain. Just walk towards love, fun, freedom and joy. That is all the tasks you need to do. 

(From The Lotus Collective) 

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