This describes Lotus. My son Mukund grew up in Lotus. ME too. When we think of Lotus it is a feeling of security, friendship, courage and fun. Mukund’s major part of life is Lotus. His laughter, anxieties, humour, mood swings, fun, joy, everything is familiar to Lotus. Many of his favourite people are there whom he trusts and likes to be with.

For me, Lotus is my teacher in many ways. The children through their innocent, pure, unadulterated and unconditional love bind us all together irrespective of our difference in personalities and likings. As a student there (during my course in autism) I used to eagerly look forward to our sessions which were informative, inquisitive, motivating and fun filled. We were never given answers for our queries – rather we were asked to think and guide ourselves to find the answers. Our tutor Mrs. Nandini’s classes were unique and inspiring. I find joy when I work with children in Lotus as I can relate to each one of them and connect with them. Just love them the way they are.

As parents of Mukund, both Prem and myself love him more than anything else. The disappointments, stress, worries, anxieties – all vanish with a sweet smile from Mukund. We just want to see Mukund smiling and at peace. We see Lotus playing a significant role in this aspect.

Salini (and Prem)